German Scheurebe with Indian Aaloo (Potato) Burgers- Unexpected Wine Pairing:

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Wine Review at a Glance

Bottle – Pfeffingen, Dry Scheurebe 2022

Grape– 100% Scheurebe

Area– Pfalz, Germany

Vintage – 2020

Sweetness level– Dry

Acidity– Medium(+)

Alcohol- Medium

Body- Medium(+)

Notes – White flower, honeysuckle, ripe pear, yellow apple, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, gooseberry, honey, wet stone.

Intensity – Medium (+) on the palate and on the nose

Length – Medium (+)

Rating – 46/50 , Exceptional

Price – $23

Value for money – 10/10, Buy Now

Scheurebe (pronounced- shoy-rhubh-eh) is a relatively unheard of grape, atleast in the American market. A cross between a Riesling and Bouquet Blanc (Bukettraube– Austrian), Scheurebe was created in 1916 by a German viticulturist, Dr. Georg Scheu, hence, the name.

This was my first time experience the grape and I am now an ardent admirer of the aromatic varietal. With notes almost bordering on tropical, it still maintained a ‘wet stone’ like mineral driven note, which made it a very pleasant sipping experience. This wine opened up a floral and fruit explosion on nose. Delicate notes of white flowers and honeysuckle, interlaced with ripe pears, ripe yellow apples, gooseberries, and pineapple, with a resonating background of honey. The lemon and wet stone notes brought even more freshness and complexity to this already delightful wine. Simply stunning!

The elevated acidity of this wine, when combined with carb-laden dishes, counteracts the richness, resulting in an excellent pairing

Pairing this complex of a wine is a slightly more challenging task than pairing something more neutral. I came to the conclusion that the medium(+) acidity and body of the wine is sure to stand up some delightfully fatty and carb loaded dish. While, the delicate, yet almost tropical notes would be balanced by late summer veggies, growing in our backyard kitchen garden. With this in mind, I decided to make my take on my mom’s aaloo burgers- 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

These ‘burgers’ are made with boiled and lightly mashed potatoes, flavoured lightly with cilantro and ginger. They have a heaping amount of chopped sweet bell peppers and beans and shallow fried after getting coated with seasoned panko breadcrumbs- hello crunch! Topped with some sliced onions and tomatoes, these Indian aaloo (potato) burgers and the Scheurebe were a match made in food heaven.

More Pairing Suggestions
Tomato Risotto, Thai green curry, Mutter ki Kachori (Fried Indian flatbread, stuffed with peas)

Bottle of wine with a vegetable burger in the front. There is a glass of wine with some medium gold wine next to the bottle. It is to show a food and wine pairing

If you can’t tell already, I adored this wine and highly recommend it. Not only does it pair well with these Indian flavours, but also goes so great with many Asian dishes. I liked the fact that although it is made in a dry style, it has a hint of sweetness that balances the subtle spices very well.

It’s a very approachable bottle and a great way to try out a new grape. I picked this bottle up at my local Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits shop. However, if you are in the US, you should be able to easily find the Pfeffingen Dry Scheurebe, online. At less than $25, this is a steal.

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